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Keith Frank & Dave Mahoney to Speak at Boom Business Expo 2017

Keith Frank, Partner, Co-Chair of the Labor & Employment Law Group
David Mahoney, Partner, Member of the Labor & Employment Group

We’re happy to be part of the first annual Boom Business Expo and Executive Speaker Conference. Our Partners, Keith Frank and Dave Mahoney will present a general overview of the potential changes for businesses in Labor & Employment Law (particularly anticipated changes to the law and governmental enforcement of regulations) under a Trump Presidency.

There is no charge for attending the event, but every speaker ‘room’ has a $20 entrance fee – 100% of which will be donated to a variety of non-profit organizations. Proceeds from the Law Room will be donated to the Michael Magro Foundation.

When & Where?

April 27, 2017
10:00am – 3:00pm
Huntington Hilton

Speaking: 10:00am, Room #1.

To learn more or register click here.
or visit  www.BoomBizNet.com

Use Promo Code: KFRANK

All proceeds from Speaker Room #1 will be donated to the Michael Margo Foundation.

Robert Ansell speaks at press conference with Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone.

Robert Ansell, Partner, and board member of the Huntington Chamber of Commerce spoke on behalf of the Chamber at a press conference for Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone during which he outlined his opposition to proposed tax reforms that could affect millions of Long Islanders.

The proposed plan seeks to, among other things, eliminate the following deductions: (i) state income tax, (ii) mortgage interest, and (iii) real property tax. A report issued by the Long Island Association (LIA) showed that homeowners in Suffolk County would face a bill of some $4Billion as a result of the proposed tax hikes.  The net effect could be crippling for communities and businesses all across Long Island, reducing disposable income, and limiting potential homeowners from purchasing a home in Suffolk County.

Robert Ansell, is also Co-Chair of the Chamber Government Relations Committee,  he commented:   

“As everyone is aware, 2/3 of the country’s gross domestic product is consumer spending. The elimination of the mortgage interest, state income tax, and real property tax deductions not only puts a significant damper on incentivizing home ownership, but will also mean that families will have less disposable income to spend in their communities on local businesses.”

The tax and revenue portion of the new federal budget is expected to be presented by the end of April.

If you would like to read the expanded press release, distributed from the County Executive’s Office, click here

The SilvermanAcampora team is always at the heart of the community.  Many of our Partners are active members of important business and community organizations, working hard to affect change and encourage business growth across Long Island. 

James Black to teach Government Contracts at The Naval Postgraduate School

Founded in 1909, the The Naval Post Graduate School is located in Monterey California; James will be teaching as part of the MBA program.  The students are all active Naval Officers, some of whom will be moving on to become Contracting Officers for the Department of Defense.

The course will focus on all aspects of contracting with the US Government, specifically the Department of Defense.  James will cover everything from drafting bids, to contract negotiation and award, administration, and claims/other disputes.  The 12 week course will be taught on-line (much to James’ disappointment – no sunny trips to California for him).

James has been working in Government contracts for over 25 years.  As in-house counsel for Northrop Grumman, Government Contracts lawyer for CA Technologies, and now heads our Government Contracts and Compliance Group.


New York Commissioner of Labor, Roberta Reardon, Fields Questions at MCLI Roundtable

New York Commissioner of Labor, Roberta Reardon (seated) and Ann Shybunko-Moore, President of GSE Dynamics Inc.

Just how will Long Island Businesses be affected by upcoming increases in Minimum wage rates?

“How will minimum wage hikes will impact our ability to stay competitive with manufacturers located upstate and out-of-state?”  This was one of the many questions posed to the panel organized by The Manufacturing Consortium of Long Island (MCLI) to discuss upcoming regulatory changes and minimum wage rate increases that will have a direct impact on businesses of all sizes on Long Island.

In attendance was New York Commissioner of Labor, Roberta Reardon, who heads the New York State Department of Labor. Commissioner Reardon addressed the New York State minimum wage hikes scheduled over the next several years as well as other wage and hour issues effecting Long Island businesses. 

The round table discussion was lively and Commissioner Reardon fielded questions on a wide range of subjects.  The energy in the room and the diversity of businesses represented clearly pointed to a need for more clarity on these very important issues.  

Keith Frank, Partner and Co-Chair of our Labor & Employment Law group, commented; “Labor & Employment Law in the age of President Trump is likely to be somewhat of a roller coaster, add to that the New York State response to unwieldy changes (namely rolling them back via State legislation) and businesses face potentially confusing and disruptive regulatory change. Businesses need to be aware of what’s coming, how it affects the employer/employee relationship, and their bottom line. President Trump is in a unique position to change the landscape of labor & employment law with his appointments to the federal courts, the EEOC, the NLRB and other agencies to either favor business, likely, or not favor business.  The excellent and lively discussion at the MCLI event signaled growing anxiety among employers. These are certainly interesting times!”

The potential impact on business of these regulatory changes shouldn’t be underestimated.  But Long Island business owners have what it takes to navigate these turbulent times. Anthony Acampora, Partner -In-Charge, commented;

“The anticipated increases to the minimum wage rate will add a level of expense to Long Island businesses and likely place business owners at a competitive disadvantage because of increased costs. That said, Long Island business has always found ways to weather adversity. One way for business owners to hedge against the disparity in the minimum wage is to make sure that there are no expense or profit leaks in other areas of their operations and ensure that they are completely compliant with all state and federal regulations. Plan, prepare and focus on growth; we can do this.”

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