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James Black appointed to the New York State Bar Association Committee for Attorney Professionalism

Jim is our ‘go to’ man for all things compliance, ethics, and anything Government related.  His reputation is well deserved and we’re so proud that the President-elect of the New York State Bar Association selected Jim to become a member of the Committee on Attorney Professionalism.

Jim’s guidance helps lead our clients through the legal and procedural minefield that exists when doing business with the local, state, and federal governments.  For over 25 years Jim has been counsel to several large government contractors, in various manufacturing and technology or software industries, he knows how to accomplish seemingly impossible goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Like all of our attorneys, Jim’s approach is refreshingly down-to-earth.  He makes what can be a very stodgy area of the law, come alive and make sense in the real world of business.  He gets it, because he gets business.  

We think Jim is a seriously cool guy, with very diverse  interests.  Perhaps one of the coolest things about Jim is he is one of the owners of East Line Productions.  A Long Island theater company that specializes in putting on rarely produced plays.

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