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New York Paid Family Leave Seminar Recap

Speaking to a packed room of business owners, Keith Frank, Mary Simmons (PMP), Kathleen Hill (Sterling Risk) and Maryalice Nazaretian delivered a compelling presentation on the current position of the New York Paid Family Leave Law.  

This law represents a major change in paid leave and, of the 3 other States with such a law, New York has perhaps the most generous. Understandably, business owners are concerned about what it will mean to their daily operations. The Team covered the main areas of concern and addressed a number of issues which have not been clearly communicated by the state. 

Changes are being made to the law every week and we expect this to continue throughout the coming months. We will be holding another seminar in September, but we will also produce a series of communications that will provide updates as we receive them. Stay tuned!

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